Hire our studios either individually or in combination with any of our other rooms

Both studios are large enough to be adaptable to suit your needs.

For focus groups and in-depth interviews we recommend our smaller studio which is a perfect size to provide a homely environment for up to 10 people. Our second studio can seat up to 25 people and has ideal dimensions for store mock-ups or central location tests.

When hired in conjunction with our Viewing Room, the one-way mirrors and audio & video feeds provide you with the opportunity to observe consumer behaviours in both studios.

Both studios include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Internet connectivity
  • One-way mirror
  • Live audio and video feed
  • Digital recording

Studio 1

Size: 4.25m x 4.8m
Seats up to 10 people

Ideal for: focus groups, workshops and depth interviews.

Studio 2

Size: 3.85m x 6.15m
Seating capacity: 16–20 boardroom, classroom, horseshoe or informal, 21-25 theatre seating

Ideal for: shelving or store mock-ups, central location tests.

This studio also includes a 65-inch LCD TV.